About this site.

This site hopes to advance the Human Species, both as a whole, and as a group of individuals.  Though the use of this fascinating device known as the internet, we hope to explore where we are as a species, where we have been, and the possibilities of where we may be going. Everything must be questioned, and answers must be sought after in everthing.  We hope to explore the great minds that made a difference for this species, as well as the babblings of the average specimen.  We are animals on this planet.  We musn't deny this fact, but expand upon it, or I believe we shall not evolve but rather, we shall stagnate and die.  In vain efforts to contiually control those around us, society as a whole is destroying itself.  I believe this destruction can be halted if people worry about their own lives and pursue their own peace and stay out of other peoples lives.